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Achieve emissions and cost reduction

The Muir Intelligence Platform leverages powerful modeling with diverse data to provide key insights to supply chain costs and emissions. With a web platform and API integration, it has never been easier to connect materials costs and carbon insights into supplier data.

Flow diagram showing company product information flowing into the Muir Intelligence Platform

Our solutions:

Carbon Discover

Provide the carbon risk and rating of suppliers and industries based on their country of operation

Carbon Discover

Provide the carbon risk and rating of suppliers and industries based on their country of operation

Carbon Discover

For every Carbon Risk score generated, customers also have access to global benchmarks, allowing them to evaluate if their chosen supplier or region is the best fit for their risk profile.

Radial graph representing the carbon risk score

Carbon Risk score

Multi-dimensional Carbon Risk score evaluate the level of risk associated with a process at the country level and compares that process across all countries, factoring in different elements such as the regulatory environment and compliance.

A map of the world representing the carbon risk

Evaluate risk

Compare global Carbon Risk ratings for the identified process and determine if suppliers in other countries are lower risk.

A line graph with the historical and projected risk

Create solutions

Evaluate forward-looking projections for Carbon Risk and determine the best suppliers and materials for your products, creating long-term solutions for your company.

A line chart showing historical and projected data

Sustainable Procurement

Incorporate sustainability and carbon risk into forward-looking procurement decisions.

Map showcasing the carbon impact potential

Product OriginTM

Take control of your supply chain, manage costs, and build resilience with Product Origin. Model your value chain, highlighting upstream materials, processes, associated countries, and control points that improve your procurement process.

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Flow diagram of product emissions

Carbon OriginTM

Carbon Origin accurately attributes product emissions at each stage of the supply chain, from cradle to gate. Confidently use data from all levels to inform your decision-making process and maximize your carbon reduction impact.

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Accelerate your Sustainability Journey

Meet regulatory requirements, enhance your supplier negotiation leverage, minimize carbon risk, and stay ahead of the competition.

Unlock your path to sustainability and competitive advantage

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