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June 2024

New Release – Explore: Your Key to Sustainable and Cost-Effective Supplier Selection

Explore is designed to tackle one of the most significant hurdles in supply chain management: the dynamic identification and evaluation of new suppliers.

In today's complex supply chain landscape, supply chain managers face a daunting challenge: balancing cost, sustainability, and risk in supplier selection. Making sourcing decisions requires comparative data and information that is clear, accurate and unbiased, which has been all but impossible until now. Explore, the newest feature to the Muir Platform, is designed to address these challenges and transform how businesses navigate their global supply chains.

Discover and Evaluate Suppliers Effortlessly

Explore is designed to tackle one of the most significant hurdles in supply chain management: the dynamic identification and evaluation of new suppliers. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Explore helps companies navigate the complexities of global supply chains to quickly find suppliers that meet their specific criteria. Whether it's finding a supplier with the best pricing, highest availability, or lowest emissions, Explore provides a comprehensive view of potential sourcing options.

Explore allows you to navigate the globe to find ideal suppliers for cost, availability and sustainability

Optimize Costs and Sustainability in Supplier Selection

Explore simplifies global supply chain navigation by using AI to identify suppliers based on real-time data and customized criteria, integrating factors such as cost, availability, and emissions. We listened to our customers and understand they want to weigh cost and price decisions across their supply chain to find the lowest-cost suppliers that meet sustainability goals. Explore does exactly this, providing rapid, AI-powered insights, reducing time spent on supplier searches and evaluations, and balancing cost and sustainability to achieve financial and environmental goals. This streamlined approach enhances negotiation power, improves outcomes, and ensures supply chain resilience and competitiveness by continuously updating supplier data and incorporating market trends.

Greener Steel for a Car Manufacturer

A major car manufacturer is striving to meet its 2035 climate reduction goals. This manufacturer was faced with a crucial decision: selecting between more costly but greener steel suppliers or less costly but less sustainable suppliers. Using Explore, the company was able to navigate these complex choices by evaluating the cost impacts of sourcing greener steel, allowing them to make informed decisions that aligned with their sustainability targets. Explore enabled them to find the best supplier that met both their budgetary constraints and environmental objectives, highlighting the tool's capability to make weighty decisions easier and more strategic.

Empowering Sustainable Supply Chains with Explore

At Muir AI, our mission is to empower businesses with the tools they need to achieve their sustainability goals while optimizing their supply chains. Explore is a testament to this commitment, providing actionable, scalable insights that help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and make smarter sourcing decisions. By integrating Explore into the Muir Platform, we're enabling businesses to take proactive steps toward a more sustainable and efficient future.

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