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May 2024

New Release – Product Origin: Strategic Insights Into Your Supply Chain Operations

Product Origin provides deep insights into supply chain costs and component origins, empowering businesses to optimize operations, enhance negotiations, and improve overall supply chain resilience.

In our last blog post, we introduced you to the Reduction Engine, an innovative recommendation tool designed to empower businesses to make sustainable decisions by pinpointing optimal emission reduction strategies​​. Building on that momentum, we now turn to another transformative solution that is part of the upcoming new release of the Muir Platform and will redefine how companies manage their supply chains: Product Origin.

Enhancing Supply Chain Transparency

Product Origin is designed to enhance transparency and control over supply chains by providing deep insights into the origins of product components, pricing, and sourcing location. This tool leverages advanced AI to model value chains, offering detailed visibility into the materials, processes, and associated locations that play a pivotal role in the sourcing of products​​.

One of our customers, sourcing hot rolled steel, was able to optimize across multiple values, including cost and emission intensity. By selecting a Japanese supplier, the tool enabled the customer to enhance their supply chain resilience and leverage detailed insights, strengthening their negotiating position.

Manage Costs and Build Resilience in your Supply Chain

Product Origin offers several key features:

Supply Chain Modeling: Product Origin maps out the flow of goods from their origin, identifying critical materials and the countries involved. This allows insight not only into the direct procurement of our customer’s steel, but the upstream raw material to ensure a procurement strategy that meets their corporate requirements.

Pricing Insights: Provides comprehensive pricing data and cost analysis. By understanding the cost of each component in the supply chain, our customer found the most cost effective sourcing opportunity.

Risk Management: Product Origin also highlights potential risks in the supply chain, such as dependencies on critical materials or suppliers. Ensuring steel and iron sources are not dependent on a single geographic area builds resilience for our customer from disruption.

Strategic Negotiations: With detailed insights into material costs and supply chain drivers, our customer is able to understand what steel should cost and leverage it in negotiations to manage cost.

Maximizing Financial and Operational Efficiency with Product Origin

Product Origin transforms how companies manage and understand their supply chains. The tool helps companies reduce cost in the supply chain with detailed insights that improve budgeting and ensure optimal resource allocation. Product Origin also enhances supply chain transparency, illuminating the origins and pathways of products, which not only helps companies comply with regulatory requirements but also elevates consumer trust and brand integrity. 

Product Origin is the latest solution built on the Muir Platform. It joins Carbon Origin, which automatically determines Product Carbon Footprints and the Carbon Impact Potential by product category, supplier and shipment. Carbon Origin allows companies to attribute emissions from cradle to gate, providing a comprehensive view of upstream emissions and carbon risks. Together, Product Origin and Carbon Origin form a powerful duo for any organization aiming to strengthen its bottom line and advance its sustainability efforts.

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will delve into the next new innovation of the upcoming Muir Platform release: Supplier Engagement.

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