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April 2024

New Release – Reduction Engine: Empowering Sustainable Supply Chain Decisions

We have built the first of its kind AI powered engine to assess and identify opportunities for corporations to reduce supply chain emissions, while considering factors that matter such as ease of implementation and cost.

At Muir AI, our mission is to catalyze emission reduction at the gigaton scale by identifying reduction opportunities that enable sustainability, supply chain, and design teams to easily integrate carbon insights into their day-to-day decisions. Climate change demands innovative responses, and we’re stepping up with a tool designed to make sustainable business practices not just a goal, but a reality. Meet the Reduction Engine, a key feature of the upcoming new release of the Muir Platform. This powerful new tool doesn’t just count emissions; it provides a clear, AI-driven path to reducing emissions effectively and efficiently.

View of the Muir Platform

In the complex world of emissions reduction, knowing where to start can be the biggest hurdle. The Reduction Engine simplifies this by analyzing a given customer’s supply chain and offering tailored advice. It considers multiple avenues – such as using recycled goods, changing suppliers, changing processes, and purchasing renewable energy – to identify the most ideal actions for a customer, considering the impact, implementation difficulty, and financial cost of the recommendation.

The power of the Reduction Engine lies in its AI core, designed to think like a team of experts that offers insights that blend environmental science with financial and supply chain knowledge. The tool generates recommendations categorized by their focus areas, such as recycled materials, sourcing locations, manufacturing processes, renewable energy and transport modes. 

Muir’s Reduction Engine identifies opportunities in a company's supply considering impact, difficulty and cost of each reduction.
Muir's Reduction Engine identifies impact opportunities considering scale of impact difficulty and cost.

Each recommendation is accompanied by an estimated emission reduction potential, an implementation difficulty score, and the associated cost per unit of product, along with an Overall Score that combines these three factors. Recommendations are also tailored to a company's goals and limitations, using their input to highlight reduction opportunities that work for them. This tool goes beyond suggestions, providing a strategic blueprint for meaningful action.

As we prepare to launch this advanced feature, our goal is to empower businesses to make smarter, more impactful decisions for their sustainability journey. The Reduction Engine is about turning ambition into action, offering a practical and informed pathway to a greener business model.

Look forward to more updates, including Supplier Engagement and Pricing Insights, as we continue to enhance the Muir Platform.

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