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July 2023

Muir AI Joins Planet's Startup Program Alongside Companies Dedicated to Building Innovative Solutions with a Global Impact

Muir AI joins Planet Labs' Startup Program 2023, using satellite data to track and reduce supply chain carbon emissions globally.

Muir AI announced today that it has become a member of Planet Labs PBC’s Startup Program 2023 cohort of high impact companies seeking to create change at a global scale. Planet is a leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth.

Muir AI offers corporations a data solution that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and satellite imagery to identify, track and reduce carbon emissions generated by a company’s supply chain. Supply chain emissions, captured within Scope 3 emissions, often represent the largest part of a company’s climate debt and are the toughest emissions to track and comprehensively measure, due to the complexity of today’s globalized supply chains.

Muir AI will focus on using Planet’s satellite imagery data to explore ways to expand its services beyond measuring carbon emissions. By participating in Planet’s Startup Program, Muir is identifying impactful renewable energy project opportunities within a supply chain. The ability to identify high impact reduction opportunities and then track implementation is critical to enable Scope 3 reductions.

Commenting on Muir AI’s acceptance into the program Planet Director of Partnership, Jennifer Doogan said, “We are very excited about the work that Muir AI is doing in the area of Scope 3 emissions and hope that their experience in our program will allow them to connect emissions estimation with real-world carbon reduction strategies.”

According to Muir AI CEO Harris Chalat, “We are honored to be accepted into Planet’s startup cohort. I believe that remote sensing technology is one of the key tools to reducing global emissions and is critical to enhance Muir’s mission of providing granular Scope 3 data.” He added, “Satellite data allows Muir's platform to consider traits from the real world that impact emissions, enabling us to see past the opaqueness of the corporate global supply chain and support our clients’ ability to make evidence-based decisions regarding their suppliers.’"

Working with satellites is very familiar territory for Muir AI co-founders Harris Chalat and Peter Williams. Both are MIT aerospace engineers who have worked with leading aerospace and tech companies. Chalat’s early career was spent at SpaceX where he focused on developing applications for satellite technology. Williams worked at Amazon’s Prime Air and robotics teams designing and building cutting-edge AI and robotics.  

Muir AI CTO Williams commented on the company’s participation in Planet’s Startup Program, “Being part of the cohort will give us access to high-resolution, high cadence imagery and Basemaps for an entire year, which will inform our R&D effort and help us quickly build out our technology.” He added that it is a unique opportunity for the Muir AI team to work closely with Planet whose purpose as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) is “to accelerate humanity toward a more sustainable, secure, and prosperous world, by illuminating environmental and social change."

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