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December 2023

Being Right Matters

Muir's novel methodology brings accuracy and speed to product carbon footprint estimates, and is now ISO 14067 certified.

Being Right Matters

Being right matters. This is true for many industries, but is particularly poignant when it comes to climate change. Reducing emissions starts with understanding where those emissions are coming from. Using the wrong data means a lost opportunity to reduce emissions and an exacerbation of climate change. 

Third Party Assured

At Muir we strive to bring accuracy to emission management and reduction in corporate supply chains. All too often companies are leveraging poor data despite the risk of misreporting and inability to effectively reduce their footprint, because they have no better option. Today we are excited to announce that Muir’s novel methodology to determine a product’s carbon footprint has received third-party assurance to ISO 14067:2018 Carbon footprint of products.

ISO 14067 focuses on the principles, requirements, and guidelines for quantifying and communicating the carbon footprint of a product. Obtaining this certification validates Muir’s novel methodology, which provides accurate product footprint in a rapid manner, unlike past industry options. The power of Muir’s methodology lies in its scalability, ease of use and the ability to provide actionable insights. Corporations can now obtain Life Cycle Assessment quality data across the entirety of their portfolio, without requiring the support of consultants or capturing of suppliers’ data. This achievement is not just a testament to our commitment to accuracy but also a game-changer in the industry. It represents a significant step forward in accelerating decarbonization efforts, altering the landscape of emission reporting, and setting a new benchmark for technology-driven environmental stewardship.

Data in the Real World

While having a robust methodology is crucial, validating it against real-world data is equally important. Alongside the ISO assurance process, our team at Muir conducted extensive validation tests against our proprietary dataset of life cycle assessments (LCAs). While LCAs are considered the gold standard in emissions reporting, it is a time and resource-intensive process, inhibiting their scalability To demonstrate the efficacy of the Carbon Origin service, we measured our results against more than one hundred LCAs and found an average relative error rate of just 4%. This shows not only our commitment to accuracy, but also our system's capability to handle diverse data across industries and goods, underlining our scalability. Our approach blends the rigor of traditional LCAs with the efficiency and scale of AI, paving the way for more businesses to engage in precise and effective emission management.

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