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September 2023

Begin the Trek

In July 2023, Earth experienced its hottest month in over 120,000 years, highlighting the urgent need to address climate change with innovative solutions across various industries, including AI, material science, physics, and engineering. The time to act is now to combat the increasing global emissions and create a better world.

July 2023 was the hottest month on earth in more than 120,000 years.

Climate change can no longer be thought of as a fringe issue that might impact future generations; it is real and its impacts are evermore apparent. In the US alone, there have been a myriad of disasters this summer exacerbated by climate change: the wildfire in Maui, smoke in NYC, bleached coral reefs in Florida, scorching heat wave in Phoenix.

It is impacting all of us.

Combating climate change is the most complex technical problem we face as a global society. There is no singular solution that can stop or reverse the warming climate, no “silver bullet” that will make it all go away. We will need innovative solutions and breakthroughs across many industries for real change to take place.

These breakthroughs are needed today.

To do this we not only need new regulations, sustainable commitments and capital investments, but more talented individuals committing themselves to advancing decarbonization using AI, material science, physics, and engineering. Individuals who are willing to step away from established industries to test the application of new technologies, apply themselves to emerging industries and take a risk on something that matters.

Committing themselves to advancing decarbonization using AI, material science, physics, and engineering.

The time to meet the challenge is today; it cannot wait. Global emissions are still increasing, and if this is not reversed in this decade the events we saw this summer will become the norm. Our solutions can no longer be solely focused on just reporting what we did yesterday. We need innovations that help answer our questions of tomorrow.

If we succeed, we will build a more prosperous and healthy world.

It can be daunting to make the jump into a new field, but there are great resources to begin your journey. I recommend Work on Climate and My Climate Journey as first steps. You will find that a plethora of climate companies are hiring for talented individuals, including us at Muir.

The trail is long, but the destination is worth it.

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